Seluka, Magila Village, Muheza, Tanga Region, Tanzania.
10 Tent Rooms, 7 Rustic Cabins, 1 Honey Moon in Cave, 6 Family Tents, 15 Ground Tents
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We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business and professional services

To support our vision to “Build a Better World”, we will strive to balance social, environmental and economic considerations to meet the needs of our customers, the community, our employees and other key stakeholders. To achieve this we will apply and integrate sustainable practices into our key business quadrants

Our Environmental Commitments

        • We will effectively manage environmental risks to the business through pro-active assessment, improvement, and the integration of innovations and environmentally preferred practices.
        • We will minimize environmental impacts of our operations and services focusing first on reducing pollution, waste generation and consumption of resources.
        • We will ensure that all employees have the knowledge and ability to work in an environmentally responsible manner and in alignment with regulatory requirements.
        • We strive for continuous improvement by establishing an Environmental Management System, setting objectives and measuring progress annually.
        • We will share our commitments with all employees, contractors and suppliers, our customers, guests and our communities of interest.
        • We know that our business has an impact on the communities we operate in, and we make it our shared responsibility to create innovative solutions to introduce sustainable practices into our everyday routines. Through actions that are big and small, we will continue to contribute to the well-being of our planet — and ultimately the health of every member of our community.

 Waste Management

Our waste management and diversion program is founded on a cycle of continuous improvement. Working with employees, suppliers and our waste management vendors, we challenge each group to change how we sort, segregate and treat our different waste streams. All of this is supported through training and education and will be monitored on a monthly basis to ensure that we are staying on track.

Nothing to Waste
At Magila Falls Eco Resort and Campgrounds, we work to create a culture that inspires innovative and creative thinking for the environment. We will conduct annual waste audit and analyze the amount of trash we produce each day and use that information to establish new creative solutions to reduce our environmental footprint.

Resource Management
The precious resources on our planet must be respected and well managed. From how we use water, to conserving energy, we are finding new and innovative ways to lead the charge on sustainable health care.


Climate Change
Greenhouse gases are changing our planet and we are doing our part to reduce our impact through transportation, air emissions and energy efficiencies

  • Customers
    • We are committed to working with our customers and supply chain to meet their sustainability objectives. To achieve this we will:
    • Foster a culture for our team members to conduct their business and to design programs and facilities for our Clients that use leading standards of health, safety and environmental management;
    • Work with our supply chains to deliver solutions that reduce harmful emissions to air, water and land;
    • Look for opportunities in project design to improve the efficiency with which we use raw materials, energy and natural resources; and
    • Provide counsel on ways to eliminate, mitigate or remediate the environmental impact of our clients’ facilities.
  • People
    • We are committed to social responsibility in the workplace and in the communities in which we operate. To achieve this we will:
    • Act fairly, honestly and respectfully with our team members and actively support mentoring, training and professional development of our team;
    • Foster a culture of health and safety in all aspects of our professional practice and provide a safe working environment for our team;
    • Respect the rights and interests of the communities in which we operate; and
    • Give back to the communities where we operate through charitable donations, support of educational institutions, committee participation and sponsorships.
  • Business
    • Through collaboration, knowledge sharing and corporate governance we will:
    • Conduct our operations and our design practices to meet or exceed regulatory environmental guidelines;
    • Maintain our professional competencies by staying current on business practices and technology;
    • Ensure compliance with our Health and Safety and Quality Management systems;
    • Look for opportunities to reduce energy and waste consumption; and,
    • Encourage sustainable business practices and services when dealing with our supply chain (Green the Supply Chain).
    • Take advantage of seasonal products
    • Serve more vegetarian and vegan options
    • Grow some of own produce
    • Buy top-quality appliances
    • Consume less water and electricity
    • Cut down on waste
    • Join a recycling program
    • Green our cleaning regimen
    • Ditch one-use plastics (As much as possible)
    • Advertise restaurant’s sustainable practices
    • Develop, adopt and improve our metrics to monitor our progress in sustainable business practices;
  • Community Investment Program
    • To ensure we allocate our funds responsibly and fairly, we review each request for funding support against our Community Investment Guidelines. We focus our giving in three key areas of environmental, social and education & advancement. We support programs and project requests that:
      • produce measurable results
      • are fiscally sound and have strong management and accountability practices
      • are under TZs 100,000 (pre-operational phase)
      • benefit communities where our employees live and work 
  • Sustainable Management System
    • Becoming a sustainable company means having a robust management system that ensures we are taking a holistic, transparent approach to sustainability. From regulatory compliance to engaged staff endorsing and supporting our efforts, sustainability is becoming the way we do business.
    • Sustainability is the new frontier for innovation: finding new ways to lower costs by reducing air waste, reducing our inputs, and making a positive impact on the environment and community. To do this effectively requires a system which integrates our environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic, transparent and planned manner.
    • Our Sustainable Management System is the framework with which we:
    • Define our policy and commitments to the environment and communities in which we operate in
    • Set targets and goals
    • Measure progress
    • Conduct audits
    • Implement Programs
    • Analyze and improve our performance from lessons learned
    • Engage with Stakeholders


  • Our mission is to exceed our customer expectation by providing genuine valued experience and commitment to continuous improvement and further emphasize high quality standard in our facilities. We also geared to promote and practice sustainable living. Caring the environment around the area biodiversity and make ecosystems intact to ensure environmentally friendly atmosphere.



  • Ensure customer satification and retention
  •  _Create an amicable hospitality environment that maximise services quality and provide comfort to every customer. 


Agile, Optimistic, Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Objectivity and Collaboration.



    • To effectively collaborate with the Magila Village Council to develop a tourist camp around the waterfalls of the Mkumuzi River.
    • To support the Magila Village Council in promoting innovative and sustainable development in Tanzania starting with the Magila Village and the Muheza District.
    • To support efforts by the Government and other stakeholders including local communities striving to achieve better socio-economic status.
    • To promote transnational entrepreneurship – business activities in both country of residence and in country and district of origin; being Tanzania and Muheza District respectively.

     The general purpose is to develop a tourism business in and around the waterfalls of the Mkurumuzi River located in the Seluka Village, Muheza, Tanga, Tanzania


In order to achieve its goals, the DGM Goldcorp has purchased land around the Mkurumuzi waterfalls to develop the state of the art tourist camp. We intend to operate the camp in a sustainable way.


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